What constitutes a great night out for cultured Hogtowners?

Maybe you’ll start the night off with a wallet-breaking-but-worth-it dinner on the Ossington strip, then zip down one of the frustratingly inaccessible concert venues to see your favourite band (Sound Academy comes to mind). And perhaps you’ll have your night cap at an exclusive loft party with a celebrity DJ you were lucky enough to score tickets to.

Sounds like a lot of effort? That’s because it almost always is. Often you’ll begrudgingly fork over 60+ bones just to share the music with thousands of rowdy bros. Sometimes you’ll painstakingly keep eagle eyes on your Twitter feed just for a chance at those coveted party tickets. Either way, planning a great night out often comes up tiring and taxing.

For that very reason, Mladen Svigir (Founder and CEO) created Sceneopolis: a company that curates a one stop shop evenings catering to your arts and culture needs with a new series called inTO. Partnering with the city’s top notch organizations, restaurants and bars, Sceneopolis not only gives young Torontonians the opportunity to rub shoulders with artists and notables in an intimate venue but also with the added perk of enjoying top of the line food and drink.

Sounds like the solution to your party woes? You’re just in time for the series launch party at Kitch, an infinitely cool new restaurant and bar that is a yaysayer of vintage décor (the bar is a 70-year old repurposed bowling alley lane), Mexican comfort food (specialty burritos, tacos and nachos) and excellent tunage (electronic, indie and hip hop).

The event, appropriately named the Living Room Jam will feature performances by Eight and a Half – a Broken Social Scene and The Stills mash-up band with exclusive interviews following their set. With only 100 tickets being sold, the Living Room Jam is structured to give party-goers a great night out that is both interactive and intimate.

Among the glitterati in support of the launch is Mary Kitchen, CityNews’ entertainment anchor, Jeffrey Remedios, co-founder of Arts & Crafts Productions and Marcello Cabezas, an award winning producer. According to Cabezas, the inTO series is all about celebrating our city amongst the people that drive the narrative behind the thriving arts and culture scene, namely artists, notables and citizens alike.

Learn more about the inTO series, buy your ticket, or read up about the venue.

The Living Room Jam is on Thursday, July 19th from 8pm-11:30pm at Kitch (220 Gear Ave. @ Dufferin & Dupont).

~ Iris Leung