What Lies Beneath 

Putting in the hours at the local library, slaving away over a hot laptop at the office, or prowling the avenues in search of the best place to shake what your mama gave you – no matter the task, the modern woman must arm herself properly.  That means a seriously sensational outfit, but more importantly it means some seriously sexy underthings.  Regardless of who sees them, some nice frilly knickers and matching brassiere are an absolute power trip.  You’ll have that confident edge from a well-made support system, and a little extra glow because you know your underwear is where it’s at.  Take a peek at everything Secrets From Your Sister has to offer, particularly these navy frilly bits – they’re the perfect blend of cuteness and scandal, without the raciness of black or red.  Not to knock racy… 

Chantelle Chantilly lace (lined and unlined)

2501 Yonge Street (3 blocks north of Eglington on the East side)