On September nights that aren’t quite warm enough to do the bare legged thing we rely on the expensive, but worth the investment, Wolford stockings. The UK brand, available at Holts, is pricey but will have you power strutting the red carpet this year and next – cause they don’t tear, run or transcend into yarn ball dull tights that hang four inches lower than your crotch. Although skanked up holey tights are trendy, let’s reserve that look for when we want to blend in like some starving art student.
Holt Renfrew – approx $50

2. H&M Army Jacket
Nothing says authority like a crisp uniform. Don-t be mistaken for a party crasher, even if you are one, go for a look that exudes confidence.
H&M – $49.95

3. Kimberly Ovitz black dress with ribcage like slicing on the derriere
HOT – bring out the S&M seductress for dark films that make you feel all f*cked up inside and evoke sizzling debate over copious amounts of red wine.
Holt Renfrew – $640.00

Yeah, so we might have to skip this item on the wish list and instead take some hefty scissors to an overused American Apparel number – a girl can dream.

4. Jeremy Scott Gasoline Pump Dress
Feel like standing out in a party? This dress makes conversation real easy and gives instant ‘wow’ factor. Not only will it hug your curves but also has a great little lift in the shoulders that adds an extra little dimension to admire. Colourful and bold, take turns with the little black cocktail dress and you are classic and wild.
*SALE – Carte Blanche – was $550, now $235!!! Talk about gas prices falling – wooohooo!

5. Deena & Ozzy Tote
This is just the kind of bag you need when you are going from film to coffee to film to errands to – well you know – can fit a little bit of everything from messy journal to tissue, the Globe Style section, your latest TTC read, four lipglosses and allergy meds.
Nine West – $58

6. BADASSSSS Biker Gloves
For days when you wan to whip out a little Angelina – as my local Starbucks barista would say ‘FIERCE!’
H&M – $34.95

7. Degaine Bustier Dress
It’s like Gossip Girl meets BOUND. Possibly the hottest combo ever?
Holt Renfrew – $260

8. Lola by Marc Jacobs
Our official fragrance for TIFF ’09, a bit flirtatious with a playful wink this fragrance is irresistibly alluring and vividly tempting. Smell it once, you’ll be hooked – smell it elsewhere and wave cause we’re probably waiting in the same RUSH line.
Eau de Parfum – 50ML – $79.00
100ML – $105.00
Available this September at Holt Renfrew, Sephora and Murale Stores.

9. Biko Gold Chain Scarf Wrap Necklace
Perfect for a simple white tee, leather jacket, vibrant print – whatever! This delicate layered necklace is sexy but the gold chains emit a tough spirit. Brazen fashion-forward cinema lover – get inspired, change the world.
Made You Look – $89.00

10. Upscale Velvet Clutch
Lipstick, visa, condom, Ventolin, blackberry, tic-tacs and a mess of biz cards to piece the night together – that’s us in a nutshell. 4AM last call -the night is always young.

11. Studs – Jeffrey Campbell Starburst
Injecting a little Desperately Seeking Susan into our fall wardrobe these punk-ass shoes go well with just about everything: skinny jeans, tights and a mini, some whacked plaid Vivienne Westwood-like get-up – leggings and an oversized boyfriend shirt. We love.
Chasse Gardee – $195

12. Narrow Black Ice Skinny Jeans – Cheap Monday
So easy, so stylish. The perfect jeans that take you from hangover in a dark theatre at 10AM to a film premiere party with the flick of a hot heel.
Carte Blanche – $69

13. Jean-Pierre Brajanza
This purple tie-die jungle-print like dress with anti-angles and sheer hang is elegant, sexy and totally different without screaming ‘LOOK AT ME!’. You are a unique animal – wear this and they won’t know whether you purr or roar.
Another Carte Blanche winner – $395

14. Matthew Williamson Oversized Shades
Adorn these with any one of our outfits and the paparazzi will be chasing you. It’s always fun to play celebrity – just a little bit.
Spectacle – $300

15. Soundwaves Ring
Check this out – pick a song and then transcribe it onto a ring so you can always wear that tune. Amazing. This has nothing to do with TIFF but we think it’s way cooler than any fat band we’ve seen. Does film inspire you to tie the knot? Consider this as a band of love, or your mutual love of the band.
Made You Look – $380

16. I’m calling this the H&M Power Dress
Knock em’ dead you glamorous hot bitch. Yeah… it’s H&M, but can double for Vanity Fair.
H&M – $69.95

17. Marc Jacobs colourful flats
…because some times our feet get tired from pumps but we want to look adorable.
Holt Renfrew – $235

18. Benefit Rose tinted check and lipstain
Afterglow – even if you are just stuffing your face with popcorn and pepsi – a little rouge goes a long way.
Sephora, Holt Renfrew – $28.00

19. Moleskin Journal
Take notes, pick a great Indian restaurant – hook up with your friends and do film club for ten days.
Available at your local art store.

20. Phenomenal FINSK gold heels
Sigh. We will end with another wish list item.
Chasse Gardee