Certain songs have the power to become our life soundtrack. At pivotal points in your life – your first kiss, your first breakup, your first time getting high, your first time being really low – chances are, you’ll connect a song with these moments.

Rhiannon Archer is a comedian and storyteller from Toronto, Ontario. She has performed at JFL42 and NXNE and has made appearances on CBC and MUCH. This August, she is remounting her hit solo Fringe show Life Records (directed by Lara Johnson & produced by Press Gang) with a seven-month-old baby at home.

SDTC: What’s Life Records about?

Life Records is about the songs that trigger memories and bring us back to different times and places in our lives.

How’d you come up with the concept?

I came up with the concept because whenever I hear songs, they usually have a memory with them. Since this is so common with others, I knew people could relate. It’s also interesting when I hear a song I remember a break up to, another person hears the same song and thinks of their wedding day, or a great night. I find that fascinating.

How does the play resonate with you personally?

These are all personal, real stories, so it is autobiographical. I just try to be as honest as I can – opening up with the audience and sharing a laugh or cry over a great song.

What do you want audiences to take away?

I want audiences to take away a better connection with people and myself and to really celebrate music and respect it. Its such a powerful medium because it’s everywhere and has a powerful hold on people’s emotions.

Life Records runs August 19-21 at Bad Dog Comedy Theatre (875 Bloor W). Get tix here.