While it’s no surprise to us that our friends are super smart, every once in a while they still manage to surprise us with their hidden talents. This past weekend we had our friends Bruce and David over for dinner. Being the ever-polite guests that they are, they brought a little something for our little guy to open the next morning: a book.

But this was not just any book.

Turns out that David actually designed and wrote this book himself. Now, I’ve always known he was a super talented designer (he’s the genius brain behind our gorgeous wedding invitations), but I had no idea he was a published children’s author! And I’m talking rhyming stanzas of verse here. Can you say wow?! The book – well, it’s just amazing. It’s called “The Veggievores” and it’s all about good-hearted animals that, rather than be mean, opt to eat green. How adorable is that?

It’s so cool I almost considered going vegan myself. Almost.

Thanks so much guys! Cy loves it!