Why I twerk

I’ve always enjoyed shaking my ass, but it’s rare that I find an appropriate setting to do so. Usually, I twerk in the comfort of my own home, alone, while blaring Sean Paul. Sometimes, if I find myself at a bongo party in a park, my squat/shake/bounce may make a quick and flirtatious appearance, but really, how often am I amidst a drum circle? NOT OFTEN ENOUGH!

I’m glad that Brass Vixens invited me to their Fanny Fitness Bootylicious Butt Bouncing Twerk Class, because now I have a reason to wear hot pink shorts and jiggle for an hour straight every Friday night. I used to kick off my weekend with a bottle of wine. Now, I de-stress with a high-energy twerk class. 

Beyond being fun, it’s kinda fun-ny. Our twerk instructor, Shani Haynes, yells out things like, “Let’s see those bootywinks!” or, “Now we’re going to get low and wag!” or, “Show me your saltshaker!” It makes me smile and laugh while I wiggle and pop.  

Ever since I’ve jumped on this fitness craze, I’ve received mixed feedback that ranges from, “Gross Jen McNeely, I hate everything about this!” to, “What does that mean? Is it a workout for sex?” I suppose it could be, but I like it because I love dancing. Twerking has, as of late, been taken quite politically. But it doesn’t have to be that way. For me, twerking is just another option for a workout. I mean, I could take a salsa class, but I prefer this! Is it a provocative style of dance? Yes. But like all dance, it’s also a form of expression. Shake it out, shake it off.

Curious to try a twerkout class? Check the schedule at Brass Vixens. And twerk it, girl. 


  1. Brass Vixens
    July 12, 2013

    BAM! We luvs it – thanks Jen!!! So happy to hear you are enjoying the experience and owning ur twerk 😀

  2. OnblastNation
    July 14, 2013

    This twerking stuff is getting serious!

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