WIFT-T Showcase & Pitch Competition 2017

On March 30th the WIFT-T Showcase returns, celebrating the best on-screen works from WIFT-T Members. This year’s lineup is KILLER and includes

  • Come Back (Dir. Hannah Anderson, Aidan Shipley): A young woman struggles to find closure after the sudden death of a beloved friend.
  • Dissecting Gwen (Dir. Kat Barrell): After the anxiety of taking a home pregnancy test causes Gwen to faint on her bathroom floor, she finds herself having a discussion with the personified Voices in Her Head: ROMANTIC, REBEL, ANALYTIC and FEAR – each unabashedly offering their opinions on what her future should look like.
  • Freaktown (Dir. Chris LaBonte): Ben and Lenny crash-land in the middle of Cuddles’ big party preparations, and as punishment, they have to clean up a hundred years’ worth of clutter in City Hall’s basement. They accidentally release Infurnace, the former nemesis of Freaktown AND Sweetlandia…who just happens to have a compulsion to clean.
  • That’s My DJ – The Series (Dir. D. W. Waterson): From heartbeat to heartbreak, chasing dreams and chasing highs, That’s My DJ is an unapologetic look inside the new order of rave.
  • Tomorrow’s Shadows (Dir. Geordie Sabbagh): Where futures are known and happiness is guaranteed by G.O.D., a mother is given a choice: her child or her perfect future.
  • Tuesday (Dir. Jane Tattersall, Thomas Pepper): A homeless man is shot dead by police, and a junior inspector with the Special Investigation Unit is caught up in the incident. Unsure of the validity of the official police report, the junior inspector decides to do her own analysis of the numerous cell camera and CCTV videos of the shooting. She pieces the story together but it’s not until she deciphers the audio that the full depth of the tragedy becomes clear.

The WIFT-T Showcase takes place March 30th at the Royal (608 College). Get your tickets here to catch ALL of these films, plus entry to the annual BravoFACT WIFT-T live pitch competition, wherein five teams pitch for the chance to win $50,000. 

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