Last month I sent a bouquet from Wild North Flowers to a good friend for her birthday and she continues to remind me that it was the most gorgeous arrangement she’d ever received. So when I noticed that they were offering wreath-making workshops, I thought “Ooooooh, this will be nice!”. 

Now, it’s not cheap; $135 is a sizeable investment in normal times, let alone COVID times. But if receiving a delivery of seasonal blooms to your door would bring a smile to your face (or that of a loved one), and if doing something meditative and calming would help your anxiety, then there’s tremendous value here. Of course, you also get something to hang up afterwards to admire all season long (and keep forever!).

What makes these workshops particularly smart is that the tutorial is pre-recorded, meaning you can select which time suits you. It also means that you can rewatch bits, if your wreath starts to looks wonky. 

The photos shown here are from the pastel arrangement, but there are other dried floral greens you can choose from. Or maybe you don’t want to do a wreath and prefer a traditional floral arrangement for a vase—they have that too!.

What You Will Receive:

  • A selection of dried florals/greens 
  • Floral tape, bind wire & adhesive elements
  • 12″ gold hoop 
  • An email with the workshop video link
  • A detailed step-by-step design PDF which we encourage you to read first as it may make your workshop experience much easier! Feel free to print it out, and/or hang on to it to create more wreaths in the future

If you don’t have clippers, you can add that on to your order. See the delivery catchment area here

Voted Toronto’s Best Floral Shop, the team at Wild North doesn’t disappoint. With very little going on, this is one way to support a local business, and a safe splurge to lift spirits.