Oakland native Kreayshawn is what would happen if you put Katy Perry, MIA, Gwen Stefani and Lil Kim in a room together and told them to engineer a pop-rap robot. With her Amy Winehouse (RIP) looks and her Missbehave-era aesthetic, there’s something extremely addictive about Kreay.

When she wasn’t busy making 10 minute music videos with Grimes, Kreayshawn was recording her debut album, and the first single is as brain-meltingly catchy as “Gucci Gucci,”the song that put her on everyone’s radar. The video for “Go Hard” features Kreayshawn running around a graffiti’d scenescape, advising we all steal our stepfather’s credit cards and go do circles in the parking lot, because working at the mall sucks. Check it out below. 

Somethin’ ’bout Kreay comes out Sept. 18th, and we want to give you a copy! Tweet “I want to go hard with @Kreayshawn and @Shedoesthecity” to win!

~ Haley Cullingham