Andrea grew up in a religious and conservative family. Sexuality wasn’t something that was openly discussed. She didn’t think she’d ever be in a place where she’d feel comfortable to do a boudoir photo shoot.

Like so many of us, it took time for Andrea to find her own path. To prevent caving to external pressures or getting influenced by all the “shoulds”, she’s had to stay vigilant with her vision, and trust her gut. At 29, she’s feeling comfortable with where she’s landed, and decided to book a photo shoot with Juliette and Fanny of Scandaleuse Photography to celebrate her newfound confidence. We want to celebrate her too. 

What was it that made you want to do a boudoir shoot with Scandaleuse? 

I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot. As a girl who grew up in a conservative & religious family and culture, I thought it wouldn’t be possible. Most of the boudoir shoots I saw were celebrities or models; I had no access to a photographer who would do a boudoir shoot for me, let alone guide me on how to do it.

A few years later, I moved to one of the greatest cities in the world, matured more & met Fanny & Juliette of Scandaleuse Photography. I used to be afraid of getting older; I thought any age after 25 was simply old. But I luckily outgrew that thinking. WhenI was planning my 29th birthday, I decided I wanted it to be special, since this will be my last year in my 20’s. I thought, “I should just do that boudoir shoot that I’ve been wanting for so long!” I know reputable photographers & I am finally accepting/loving my body as it is. 

What was it like to get photographed by Juliette & Fanny? How did the experience make you feel? 

It was honestly the best experience I’ve had. I’ve worked with other great photographers but no experience came close with the one I had with Fanny & Juliette. With them, I was truly confident, and they guided me well. I genuinely felt their warmth & passion. It’s obvious that they do what they do because they love it. 

When it comes to feeling good in your own skin, what advice would you give to your younger self? 

Stop seeking approval from people who do not matter! Be authentically you, and the rest will just follow. I am different & that’s special. I am different from my friends & cousins, and that’s fine, because that means I have my own identity. Every time I tried to work on my creative side, I did not get 100% support from people I expected support from. I got hurt, and that’s okay. I just kept going. You are your #1 fan and supporter. Be there for yourself. Be your own standard of happiness. Be your own standard of beauty. Be your own standard of success. This does not come overnight, it took me years—and I am still learning this. 

What always puts a smile on your face? 

The good deeds that I get to witness every day. Big or small gestures make me happy.

What has become an important part of your self care routine during COVID? 

Having a rest day, to reflect, nourish my mind & just be me. If we charge our phones from time to time, we should do that to ourselves as well. Get that good 8-hour sleep, write in your journal, turn that phone off, put on your favourite movie, hydrate yourself, do that bubble bath, eat good food & so on. 

What lesson or idea is currently helping you on your path? 

Just do you. It will not be easy. There may be defeats, but you are not done. Continue what you are doing and don’t stop until you are at your own definition of success. I’m saying this as I am currently on my path of being an entrepreneur. I opened a small candle business in November and consider it my baby. 

What small things help you get through winter? Or what are you planning this year to help you? 

Time Management! I currently work a 9-6 job and own a small business as well. This is why journals & planners truly help me. I get to write down tasks I need to do for the day & also plan my rest days. Getting organized is the way.

How would you describe your sexuality? 

As someone who came from a conservative & religious family, sexuality and sex was a taboo topic. I never truly learned how to address sexual feelings or know my sexuality. I’ve learned more as I’ve matured. I believe sexuality & sex should be a natural topic—sex is a natural & wonderful thing! I believe it is a sacred exchange of energy. If you have someone who matches your energy, great, if not, that’s fine; just keep swimming. I am happy that I found someone who matches mine, who accepts & acknowledges my needs.  

Anything else you’d like to share? 

To anyone finding their purpose and/or passion, if you do not have the answer in front of you right now, it’s okay, some things take time. Enjoy the present. Live in the moment! Once you realize what it is/they are, your creative juices will just naturally flow. To anyone who wants to do a bold move, do it! As long as you are not hurting anyone intentionally and your intention is good, go for it! I hope everyone is safe & healthy during these uncertain times.

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