Women's Arm Wrestling is back this Saturday at 751!

FACT: Arm wrestling with a hot leather-pants wearing rock and roll chick, and getting your arm nearly torn off is embarrassing.

FACT: It is also pretty fucking cool when it’s for a good cause (and when your friends cheer you on like a champion).

This was the summary of my experience when I participated in the Women’s Arm Wrestling charity event hosted by The Goodkids, and MC’d by the fiery Steve Rock himself. 

If you have an alter ego, a little aggression to work out before the weekend is through, or just feel like throwing down like Stallone… get your sexy guns over to 751 this Saturday night to participate. 

Seriously, this one of the most adrenaline producing events I have ever participated in: The energy is up, the night is loud and raucous, and its so incredible to see all different types of Toronto women come out to support an amazing cause – with the expense of only a little muscle (or in my case—a lot). Proceeds go to: Because I Am a Girl. 

Fore more info head to: www.womensarmwrestling.ca

In the meantime – start pumping iron, and enjoy some pics of my defeat… 

~ Louisa Cohen

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