Thinking about your parents aging is never an easy subject. Even worse is thinking about a parent developing Alzheimer’s and being thrust into a caregiver role when you’re still young and starting out your adult life. 

A new doc, Much Too Young (airing tonight on TVO), is a powerful and unflinching look at four families’ journey as they adapt to this unexpected role reversal – and the complications that come with caring for a parent with young onset Alzheimer’s at a startlingly young age.

Kathryn, Aurelie, Kathleen and Chris are between the ages of thirteen and twenty-seven. Their situations are all unique, yet they all face the tests of anyone else their age, as they move through school, work and their social lives. And they all have something in common: they each have a parent whose memories and ability to raise their children has been taken from them at an early age. Much Too Young follows each of these young people as they try to find their youthful identities while coping with their lives at home, caring for an ailing parent.

Watch Much Too Young tonight at 9 p.m. and midnight on TVO. Or watch it here after September 22nd.