I have to admit – I was a little nervous to go to a Worn party after getting caught in the rain sans umbrella, especially since I was anticipating singing songs about heartbreak before a crowd of Toronto’s most stylish humans.

Lucky for me and my humidity-pillaged curls and damp sandals, the crew behind Worn Fashion Journal are as fun-loving as they are trendsetting. And they’re certainly not above a down n’ dirty Celine Dion cover, as evidenced by last night’s amazing spring fling edition of their infamous karaoke party.

The purveyors of killer style in all shapes and forms fills Toronto’s book and vintage stores with a take on fashion as smart as Jezebel and as pretty as that gem of a Tumblr site you favourited and visit when you need inspiration. So is it any surprise that Toronto’s most distinctive fashion mag can rock a karaoke night like nobody’s biznase?

The evening kicked off with a cover of Talking Heads’ Once in a Lifetime that filled the pink, prom-ified back room of the Supermarket with clapping and cheering. After that, it was smooth sailing into a nostalgic and raucous soundtrack of Blondie, Spice Girls, and R. Kelly. If anyone arrived hoping to wallow in heartbreak,  they left disappointed. The night delivered hit after hit of whimsy, lolz, and enviable pink and red outfits.

The last song of the night filled the paper-heart adorned stage with way more people than could sing in to the mic. Even a karaoke first timer probably wouldn’t have been able to resist getting up there and belting something. Where else can you get a boa-clad hype woman to shimmy beside you as you sing? And who else can you rely on to give you a theme-appropriate nail art tutorial before the party?

Thanks for the fun night Worn. I hope we sing songs together again soon.

~ Kait Fowlie