We are all social, emotional beings, so it’s no surprise that the biggest source of stress comes from relationship problems.

But how do we address these issues calmly and considerately, without freaking the eff out?

Award-winning expert in mediating conflicts Karin Vagiste (recipient of the International Award of Excellence for her Peace-Building Strategies as a Mediator during her time at the Attorney General’s Office) will walk you through her easy-to-follow peace-building strategies so that your conflict will become a catalyst for positive change.

The inspirational cartoons from her book “SETTLE IT!” will provide a visual summary of practical peace-building strategies that you can start using the very next day. You’ll learn to refuel your energy tank by lowering conflict-induced stress – stemming from a wide variety of conflicts.

This event is free and takes place on Tuesday April 4th from 7 to 8 p.m. at S. Walter Steward Library Branch (170 Memorial Park Ave). Details here.