When I was in fourth grade, we all gathered in my friend’s basement for her birthday sleepover. We were watching Jaws, and afterwards, her dad made us partake in a tradition: everyone had to chug a glass of water without being afraid. I managed that, but was traumatized about going into the ocean for years afterwards, lest giant Muppet-sharks start tearing my limbs off, filling the water with dyed corn syrup.

Now, you can relive those good times, because on the fins of the digitally-enhanced Blu-Ray re-release, TIFF Bell Lightbox is screening the Spielberg classic, and there’s still something so chilling about those initial, ominous notes. Now, the film is more terrifying than ever, abandoning the nostalgic, grainy look for a Spielberg-approved digitally-enhanced picture. The result eliminates the nostalgic distraction and makes for, once again, a traumatic viewing experience. I could barely handle this in a basement surrounded by 8 year olds and Gummi Worms, imagine what a mess I’m going to be in a dark movie theatre.

Jaws screens at TIFF Bell Lightbox beginning June 29th. For tickets and showtimes, click here.

~ Haley Cullingham