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A tarnished icon & the mobilization of a united front

Last Saturday, Jian Ghomeshi was known to most Canadians as a beloved radio host, an intelligent voice, and a respected leader in Canadian broadcasting. Just 5 days later, he is viewed as a predator, a misogynist, a sociopath, and a violent monster. The free-fall of Ghomeshi’s once-spotless reputation has been remarkable. But as the ex-CBC host’s popularity continues… Read More »

girls rock camp

Girls Rock! Bloor Hot Docs

Girls Rock Camp Toronto kicks off an afternoon of female-fuelled rock with a screening of the Hot Docs 2007 official selection GIRLS ROCK! on Sunday, November 16, at 4:00 p.m., at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema (506 Bloor Street W). In GIRLS ROCK! young females from eight to 18 select a band, pick an instrument, write a… Read More »

taste of iceland

Get A taste Of Iceland: Food, film & music

Taste of Iceland (Nov 13.-16) will feature Icelandic cuisine by 2014 Nordic Chef of the Year Viktor Örn Andrésson, a free concert at the Horseshoe (with Icelandic artists Uni Stefson, Young Karin, Hermigervill, and Retro Stefson), and a Reykjavik Shorts & Docs Festival at the Royal.


Memoirs of a Sneakerhead

If you see me walking down the street, chances are I won’t make eye contact with you. It’s not because I’m self-consciously looking at the ground or superstitiously avoiding cracks, it’s because I’m staring at your sneakers. Sneakers are the ex-boyfriends I never got over. Some were more memorable than others, like the adrenaline-fueled high-top… Read More »

Circle Jerk

Circle Jerk: Sex. Death. Bananas.

Don’t forget to pencil in that Circle Jerk next week, presented by Soup Can Theatre, safeword, and Aim for the Tangent Theatre. The provocative new production features four short plays written under unique constraints. Last summer, people were invited to submit original snippets of dialogue that the participating playwrights would have to use as the opening and… Read More »


Recipe: Sweet Potato Bruschetta

For me, bruschetta used to be a food of the past! Bruschetta made with gluten free bread just didn’t cut it. That is, until my friend Sarah made SWEET POTATO bruschetta for us at a Nutritionist Potluck! MIND.BLOWN. Needless to say, it was delicious and I decided to do a festive take on it, especially since I found… Read More »


Toronto Resources for Survivors of Abuse

Trigger warning.  It’s my job to write about things. Today, I don’t feel like writing about anything. Like most of us, I went to sleep and woke up sick to my stomach after reading the Toronto Star piece containing the allegations of Jian Ghomeshi’s violence.  The revelations are incredibly important, but for many, they are… Read More »


Le Tour de Cafe with Savour Toronto

Now you can be a tourist in your own city with Savour Toronto’s new series: Le Tour de Cafe. Tours run throughout November and December and involve a leisurely stroll through Corktown and Riverside on a fun and interactive tour of Toronto’s best independent coffee joints and pastry shops. According to Savour Toronto, “you will have the opportunity… Read More »