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An imperfect life guide for women
Looking down the harbour from my sleepy, seaside village on the south end of Salt Spring Island. The view’s OK, I guess.

Ferry Boats in Ferragamo Part 4: Coming Home

If you’re operating an electric sander or a power drill and you want to keep your fingers, you have no choice but to be very present. It got me through the first stages of culture shock at island life and reality of living with a loved one dealing with cancer.

Jenny Bird Sample Sale

Jenny Bird Jewelry & Handbag Sample Sale

Lucky for us, Jenny Bird will be offering 50-70% off jewelry and handbags at a massive sample sale this Thursday & Friday. Bird’s line is built on beautiful accessories that are fashion-forward yet well-made, her interpretation of ‘Indie-luxe’. To sweeten the deal, fellow Canadian designer Erin Kleinberg will join Jenny in offering some of her amazing pieces at… Read More »


A Day In The Life Of Tattoo Artist Luisa Pariselli

You may remember Lu from her stint at the Edge 102.1 FM, but what you don’t know is that she holds two B.A.s from York U and OCAD, and has an immense passion for art and expressing herself visually. She has since traded in her mic for a tattoo machine and completed an apprenticeship at Dreamworx Ink, where she’s… Read More »