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Kellogg's Special K

Enter To Win Our Favourite Goodies from Special K

What’s your #2015Revolution? If you haven’t made one yet, we highly encourage you to participate in this fun and positive campaign created by Kellogg’s Special K. Need a gentle reminder about what it’s all about? No problem! We threw a party in the spirit of the #2015Revolution last week. Naturally, it included Toronto’s sassiest drag… Read More »

Coconut Christmas Zine & Maker Fair

Tomorrow: Coconut Christmas Zine and Maker Fair

Tomorrow: Get your butt down to the fifth annual Christmas Zine & Maker Fair! held at Xpace Cultural Centre (303 Lansdowne Ave.) on Saturday Dec. 20th, from 12-6 pm. This year’s theme is CHRISTMAS COCONUTS + CLUB MED. They will be selling zines, comics, small press, prints, t-shirts, tote bags, jewelry, crafts and other handmade multiples. And there are promises of… Read More »