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Here’s What’s Brewin’ at Second Cup Over The Holidays

Coffee aficionados rejoice: the Second Cup Signature Holiday Blend has arrived! The holiday fun is about to begin, with the magic of the season slowly unfolding as delicate snowflakes dance before our eyes and Christmas carols blare, well, everywhere. It’s the time of year to treat our families and friends, a time to unwind with old favourites and discover… Read More »


Cute & Cozy Holiday Looks We Love From LOFT

Have you started thinking about the holidays yet? We have! Between finding the perfect gifts for pals, planning our social calendar and brainstorming crafty excuses to get out of familial obligations (just kidding…or are we?), it’s no secret that December gets stressful in November. And, we haven’t even touched on our outfits. Getting through the… Read More »