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7 Self-Care Essentials for Creative People

In my experience, creative people tend to have a lot ideas and spend a lot of time in their own heads. Being mindful of self-care is essential, especially if you’re the type who will all-too-quickly deny the needs of yourself in favour of staying up all night and collaging, tarot-ing and writing, skip meals for coffee, or take on way more than you can chew.

In order to thrive in our bodies and in our creative work, we need self-care supports. Here are a few items to help keep you grounded AND creatively stimulated:

Be With: Cards for Self-Care: Not one for daily routines? So uninspired by self-care you don’t even know where to start? These self-care cards add an element of oracle guidance to your regime. Shuffle the thirty-six-card deck and pull one at random to get a self-care task from one of six categories: move, affirm, write, speak, ask, rest. This mindful-moment-in-a-box is created with love by Toronto-based emotional wellness coach Barbara Erochina.

The Desire Map Planner by Danielle Laporte: If planners usually bore you to death, then this is the one for you. Not only will it keep you organized day-to-day, but it’ll also make sure you’re living in alignment with your core desired feelings. With layouts and prompts designed to help you connect with what you most want and plan your life accordingly, it’s a v. practical way to hold yourself accountable for your creative fulfillment. If you’re not in the market for a new planner, download the free printables on Danielle’s site – the soulful habit tracker worksheet or a daily ritual worksheet.

Oblique: Productive Strategies App: This app is designed to help writers, artists and engineers break through creative blocks. With a tap of your screen, it’ll deliver a prompt to encourage lateral thinking. For example, “Go to an extreme. Come part way back.” “Make an exhaustive list of everything you might do and do the last thing on the list.” “Honour thy error as a hidden intention.” It was created by musicians Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, but it could work for anyone working to bring an idea into reality, in any form.

Inspired Action Mist by Lotus Wei: When you need an on-the-go pick-me-up in the middle of the day or before you switch tasks, an essential oil spritz is a quick ritual that’ll stimulate your senses and make you feel renewed. Chug a glass of water, do a downward dog, spritz your visage with some of this citrusy mix and keep on keeping on.

Passport to Prana Yoga Multi-Studio Pass: For yogis who like variety or are just seeking the right studio, the Passport to Prana is a budget-friendly solution. For $30 in total, it lets you attend a drop-in yoga class at each of the 60+ participating studios in the city. Go to as many studios as you can for one year. Stay limber, don’t get bored, and avoid the gym.

Headspace App: Stepping away from the internet and meditating regularly is so key for me. It helps me reconnect with my own ideas, which are so much quieter when I’m consuming content online, even passively. Headspace is a super easy-to-use intro to meditation app for anyone, but I’ve noticed a huge increase in my creative momentum and mood when I use it daily.

The Creative Spark TED Talk Playlist: Queue up this playlist of top TED Talks by highly creative thinkers, authors, designers, film-makers, and more, to gain some new ideas and role models.

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