A custom-made coffee table book from Blurb is the perfect holiday gift for just about anyone!

Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, crafters, photographers, last-minute-gifters, clueless shoppers, creative types, and more: may I present the perfect holiday gift? For anyone looking to give something a little more unique, or to create something personal without having to actually know how to knit, whittle, or scrapbook, we’ve got the site for you. Blurb.com allows you to create a beautiful, coffee-table-worthy book with your own images and text. The results are breathtaking, high quality books of all shapes and sizes, and the possibilities are endless. Immortalize a vacation or a wedding, or create a memento of a loved one’s project, like an art portfolio or a blog. Create a baby ABC book with pictures of loved ones and memories instead of cartoon animals, gift your favourite musician with a book of lyrics and images for shows, remind your favourite photography buff how impressive their shots are. No matter who’s on your list, this is a heartfelt gift that will have people talking. Best of all? It’s incredibly easy, and you can create and craft your book before you pay-giving you lots of time to perfect your creation before laying down the bucks, and then it shows up on your doorstep. Another interesting feature? Blurb also has a bookstore-where people can browse through your creation, and order it online. Budding creators, take note!

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