Birth Unknown-Death 60 or 61AD

by Lizzie
Why We Should Care: This fiery queen of the Iceni went into primal defensive mother mode in 60 or 61 AD when her daughters were raped by Roman conquerors and disenfranchised of their rightful inheritance. She rallied the native kingdoms of Britain together to destroy Colchester and Londinium, massacring thousands along the route. Eventually, she was defeated at the Battle of Watling Street, but will forever be remembered as a defender of colonized peoples.

Three Traits We Admire: Mad charioteering skills, serious maternal instinct and fearlessness.

Style Best Described As: Bellicose Celtic Nobility Chic, this involves golden torc necklaces, broaches and flaming red hair.

What High School Textbooks Didn’t Say: When Boudica slaughtered noble Roman women it’s said that she’d impale them to spikes, cut off their breasts and sew them to their mouths. Also urban legends claim she’s buried under Platform 8, 9 or 10 at King’s Cross. Does her spirit ride on the Hogwart’s train departing from Platform 9 ¾? Only J.K. Rowling knows.

How She’s Celebrated: Listen in yoga, you’ll notice that Enya’s written a few songs about her. Queen Victoria identified with the powerful female leader, and so hubbie Prince Albert erected a statue in Boudica’s honour. Presumably, Indians, Irish, Bahamians, Lesothoans, Botswanians, Burmese, Egyptians and Ghanians (amongst others) disagreed with Victoria’s appropriation of this anti-colonial figure.

For Her Biopic We’d Cast: Jessi Cruickshank from The Hills Aftershow or Angelina Jolie with her hair dyed red.

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