Browsing for Hot Bargains at the Annual Trinity Bellwoods Community Yard Sale

by Becca Lemire

It’s really too bad the rain came at around 3pm this past Saturday, June 12th, because the bargain hunters were still coming by the dozens to the Annual Trinity Bellwoods Community Yard Sale when it started drizzling. And it seemed like there was about a third of the usual booths there, probably due to weather warnings. Boo, June rains! But for those who made it out, it still seemed like a very successful yard sale experience. Hopefully for the people selling, it was worth their while as well, soggy merch and all.

I loves me a good yard sale, and I love it even more when it’s a neighbourhood thing. So much variety!  And the haggling!

Stretched out along Queen in between Shaw and Strachan, and up into the park, it was a nice bouquet of St. Lawrence Market-type antique vendors, vintage sellers, collectors, 20 and 30 somethings selling stylish clothing, a few dark-ravers and glam-goths selling old party clothes, and moms selling piles and piles of kids clothes, books and toys. Oh, and a man drinking sizzurup out of a 2L water bottle with about 20 pairs of swimming goggles for sale on a tiny blanket, to keep things real. Let’s hope he didn’t take a trip to the Trinity Recreation Centre Pool lost & found earlier that day.

Some of the antique and vintage vendors were selling things for mad cheap, trying to “unload old stock” as one friendly man told me, and for about $20 I got heaps of goodies: a hot pink DKNY top, Italian tourist shorts with Michelangelo’s David’s crotch on the…you guessed it…crotch, 60’s pleated poncho in psychedelic blues, SeaWorld tray, and a mug with a pic of a dog wearing hipster granny glasses on it, to name a few of my fave finds.

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