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Choose Your Winner: The AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize

In a little over a week, voting closes for the AIMIA | AGO Photography Prize.

If you’re unfamiliar, this is Canada’s most significant award for contemporary photography, recognizing photographers from around the world whose work has exhibited extraordinary potential. It is the first major art prize to allow the public (that’s you) to choose its winner.

The prize has a total annual value of $130,000, with $50,000 awarded to the winner, $5,000 awarded to each of the other shortlisted artists, and $25,000 that supports a national scholarship program for students studying photography at select institutions across Canada.

Here are the finalists:


Talia Chetrit

Her work focuses on the human body—often her own—as a starting point to examine how images are constructed to support different agendas and interpretations of reality.


Jimmy Robert

Robert typically uses photography as a starting point for his works on paper, breaking down the divisions between two and three dimensions, as well as image and object.


Ursula Schulz-Dornburg

Her work captures the historical and political importance of architecture and its destruction within the last century.


Elizabeth Zvonar

Zvonar’s images explore the conflicting meanings that exist within Western media, playing with inherent hypocrisies in the media’s depictions of women, consumerism and history.

Undecided? Check out more work (and vote) here.

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