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Exclusive Preview: Watch Lou Canon’s Hauntingly Beautiful Video For Her Latest Single “Uncover the Lover”

Lou Canon just completed a video for her newest single, “Uncover the Lover,” and we are here for it.

A singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with Paper Bag Records, Lou has always inspired us with her talent, tenacity and level-headed passion. With her breathy vocals and down-tempo beats, she has become known as the vanguard of Toronto’s bedroom electronic movement. Now, we’re getting an exclusive look at her latest video.

“This was shot on the bottom of a pool in Delray, in the midst of octogenarians reading on iPads in lounge chairs,” says Lou. “One took special interest and offered to film. He could see I had grown tired of doing it myself. I bought him a strawberry daiquiri with a fat straw and shared my new song, ‘Uncover the Lover.'” Lou Canon.

Haunting, reflective and full of palpable tension, we’re honoured to be able to share Lou’s latest artistic masterpiece. We believe that if you don’t already know this local talent, you’re going to want to get to know her now!

We caught up with Lou last week.

SDTC: Tell us about your headspace when writing “Uncover the Lover”? What thoughts were you trying to work out?

LC: This song has morphed with me over the years. It’s been a (forever) work in progress—much like relationships. “Uncover the Lover” has endured my highs and lows in love, soothed my wild romantic heart, and smothered my sombre devotion.

This beautiful video makes us feel a lot of different BIG feelings. What were your going for?

Imagery that draws parallels to: Femininity. Solitude. Gravity. Individuality. Strength. Isolation. Struggle. Grace. Rawness. Simplicity.

What’s a goal (big or small) that you are currently working on?

Staying present in my thoughts. I can be a bit of a daydreamer, for better or for worse. That and world domination through song.

What do you do to bring calm and restoration into your life?

Forest bathing. The awe I feel every time I’m surrounded by the sounds and smells and aura of mother nature is grounding. Taking in the forest atmosphere is used for healing and preventive health in Japanese medicine, starting back in the 80’s. It makes good sense to me.

What’s a lesson you learned in this past year that has stayed with you, perhaps altered your direction?

My gut usually knows that answer. I’m learning to be brave enough to follow it.

What always puts a smile on your face?


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