Fabric Pit Stops in Vancouver for DIY Fashion

As a student and a person saving up for that Europe adventure in the summer, I thought when Lent rolled around I’d give up something that I love but is also a major Visa-suck: buying clothes. Not just clothes, but shoes, bracelets, hats, belts. And I’m not even THAT religious! It’s been a long few weeks since I’ve made the pact to keep my wallet locked tight til April 15. 

This week I decided to give myself three new pieces of clothing, by altering clothing I already had. I made it through three tops that I lopped sleeves off of to realize that going sleeveless can only take you so far sartorially. Luckily Lisa came over to alter a skirt she bought on Asos, and made me realize that Vancouver is filled with places that can show me that I can use more than scissors to spring forward with my wardrobe. 

Dressew Supply
Dressew is the mecca for fabric, zippers, embellishments, supplies, and oddly, costumes. It attracts everyone of all ages to come by to check out these affordable fabric spools and their even more discounted rolls on the bottom floor. Go there early though, because they close normally at 5. 337 Hastings Street

Button Button
Can you believe there is a store in Vancouver solely on buttons? This place is a unique mainstay of Gastown and definitely worth a visit. 318 Homer Street

Yes, we even have big box stores you can get crafty with if sewing things isn’t your bag. Try here for paints and appliques for your future denim shorts. Various locations in the Lower Mainland

You cannot beat the largest fabric store in Canada. This place will remind you of your Mom and that Joey Buttafuoco pants were definitely a bad idea and should never be brought back (what were we thinking?). This place is also 100%  Canadian! Various locations in the Lower Mainland

~ Aimee Laurel

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