Good Blood Bad Blood: STOPTALKING

By Annie Webber

There’s something very intriguing pulsing through the veins of Kensington Market these days, and no, it isn’t rolled into a joint. Since September of 2009, Good Blood Bad Blood- an art collective at 13 Kensington Avenue- has been hosting STOPTALKING, a night consisting of “various artists within the community doing performance, poetry, story telling and much more,” cropping up during the slower winter months in the retail space.

Good Blood Bad Blood came to be at the end of 2008/2009 school year, when two roommates living above vacant retail space came up with an idea to use the empty rooms as a gallery/store/event space, approaching several friends to contribute. “As many galleries are hesitant to display the work of artists who have not established a name for themselves in the art world, the space was created as an alternative option to displaying and selling work to the public,” says co-founder Reid Jenkins. “It also provided an opportunity to generate income without having to seek work in less enjoyable environments (eg. dishwashing)”

STOPTALKING3 is coming up this Friday, January 29th at 9:30pm. Pay what you can, cheap drinks, free shirts. Click here to see a video from a previous peformance:


See you there!

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