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How to give great head without having to deep throat

I read that the average depth of our mouth cavity is 3-4 inches and the average penis is 5-6 inches. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the greatest gag reflexes so it is sometimes difficult to deep throat. Though women claim it’s possible to work on these gag reflexes (which I’m in the process of investigating), there are lots of other hot and effective things you can do with a penis while keeping it in the realm of the mouth.

1. “I said I wanted it hot.”

Tease the head of his penis by lightly licking it with the tip of your tongue. Let the tongue slide into every crevice (and under the skin fold if he isn’t circumcised). And then blow gently on the head with your hot, moist breath.

2. “I thought you said you couldn’t.”

Wrap your hand around the base of his shaft with your little finger resting on his pubic bone and then wrap your mouth around the head. While your mouth is going downward to take in his upper shaft, your hand is moving in the same direction. This will give him the sensation of deep throating.

3. “Is that your penis in my cheek or…”

If your jaw is getting sore, you can take a little break by pushing the head of his penis into the side of your cheek. This will make him feel like he is going in deep.

4. “Open up and say ‘Mmmmm.'”

While you have him in your mouth, start humming, or a simple “Mmmm” sound will suffice. Not only will he enjoy the vibrations it creates, he’ll really enjoy that fact that you find his penis delicious.

5. “Lick ‘er up.”

This is going to sound cheesy, but it’s actually quite effective. Pretend his penis is an ice cream cone and that you have to lick it all up before it melts. Or you can pretend it’s a popsicle by licking it from the base of his shaft to the head on all sides. The more slobbering, the better.

6. “Refreshing, isn’t it?”

I read once that by placing a strong mint in your mouth along with his penis that the menthol can awaken his nerve endings even more. I can imagine this would be difficult to do without the mint falling out of your mouth or, god forbid, without you choking on it (the mint, that is). Try spraying your mouth with mint spray or rinsing with mouthwash before going down on him.

7. “One ball or two?”

Let your tongue roam onto his balls. There’s much you can do here, such as tapping the them lightly with your tongue, inserting one of his balls into your mouth and rolling it with your tongue, or inserting two balls into your mouth (this is easier if he’s standing) and giving them a good tongue lapping. Let your tongue roam down even further and gently lick his perineum (the area of skin that runs from underneath his testicles to his anus).

8. “Coffee, tea or me.”

Drink something warm, like tea or coffee, and then insert his penis into your mouth. He’ll enjoy the warmth emanating from your mouth. You can then alternate, by drinking something cold, then warm again, then cold, then warm.

9. “Psyche!”

Lead him to think you’re going to get him off with a hand-job, and right before he comes, land your hot mouth on him. For contrast, try a fast hand motion, then a slow, hard suck.

There are various positions you can assume, but my personal favorite is nestling between his knees while he is lying on his back. That way you can look into his eyes while you’re giving him the best head of his life! And when you get a chance, and by that I mean, when you come up for air, tell him how hot his cock is and how much you love it in your mouth, even if it’s not true.

Now, when it’s all done, make sure that next time he goes down on you… for a good long time. Tips on that next week.


No. 2: FAIL: Yes we're talking about "simulating" DT, but this move is lame.

To make head feel awesome to a guy but also avoid DT (and any exuberant thrusting or "surprise!", put what you are comfy with in your mouth, hold him just below your mouth, then proceed in OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS.

Firstly, you are giving head, so there's the top end taken care of. Second you're masturbating the guy, so that's the shaft taken care of (throw in a little twist every time you come up).

Don't forget to use your other hand to stimulate testicles (yeah), perineum - the bit between scrotum and anus (oh yeah) and if he's up to it a little finger around or inside anus (for some guys, oh f*** yeah).

Throw in some good eye contact, hum or murmur along with encouragement LIKE YOU MEAN IT, steadily vary speed upwards, then let him go in the mouth (spit, spill or swallow) and you've got a non DT blowie that will have a hand on the back if your head in no time.

BTW Mouthwash BAD! It strips saliva out of your mouth, and aggravates the gum line, reducing the mouth's natural disease protection (similarly, don't give head after brushing your teeth, or eating can open cuts etc) - increases your exposure risk to STI's - swish with water, or else use flavoured condoms/dams unless you're tested and exclusive.


Here is my secret. Occasionally put his cock between your breasts so he can get a good visual if you decide (together) to have him cum on your chest. Also, ladies, you don’t have to look perfect. All he needs is well-groomed, natural beauty. Don’t worry if your body isn’t perfect! I have a couple of scar that really bother me WAY more than it bothers him, and in fact, he didn’t notice them until I pointed them out. I also fluctuate in weight. We are human, and real men understand that. He is looking at the goods, not your imperfections! Another thing that helped me to be better at giving blowjobs is a book written by Jack Hutson. It’s called Jack’s Blowjob Lessons ( It’s not very cheap, but I think that’s a book that every woman needs to have.


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