Don’t be fooled by these identical twins. When it comes to Tara and Courtney Neray’s Slashpile Designs, each jewellery piece is just as quirky and unique as they are.

According to Tara and Courtney, Slashpile Designs is jewellery to start a conversation. Having studied material art and industrial design at OCAD, not only have the talented sisters perfected their craft with their delicate silver sterling pieces and hand-carved details, but they have become true storytellers through each different jewellery series.

Based on their summer experiences tree-planting in Alberta, Tara and Courtney launched their first product line, Slashpiles, recreating the concept of piles of sticks and tree logs into pieces you can wear. “We would make a necklace for someone, like a medal for completing the [tree-planting] season, so that was story behind the piece. All of our work has a story behind everything,” Courtney says.

Slashpile Designs took off in 2008 and have since been featured in publications like The National Post, Elle Canada and Trendhunter. In their most popular series, Drug Molecules, you can “wear your vice” by choosing necklaces, earrings and rings based on molecules of mind-altering drugs (nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, even chocolate!).

“I think the molecules are my favourite,” Tara says. “I like that there’s a sense of humour incorporated and people get it right away. I love watching people’s reactions when they see them and read the packaging a realize what they are.”

In other series, like Injuries, you can wear pendants that symbolize your previous misfortunes, whether it’s a broken leg or dislocated shoulder (as Tara can relate to, after having surgery on her right shoulder due to tree-planting).

Slashpile pieces are clever, beautiful and they can really put a smile on your face. Check out more of Tara and Courtney’s work on their websiteEtsy or Facebook page.

~ Desiree Gamotin