Margaret Thatcher, 1925 –

by Reta Robinson
Why we should care This Iron Lady of British politics was the first and only female prime minister of the land of tea and scones. As PM from 1979 – 1990, she lobbied for environmental issues, allied herself with the US in the cold war, and survived an IRA bombing in Brighton because she waited her turn for the loo. Talk of her tenure still incites controversy today. Her achievements put our Kim Campbell to shame.

For her biopic we’d cast a more serious Susan Sarandon

Two traits we admire Ruthlessness – She earned the nickname “Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk Snatcher” after she recalled the free milk programme in elementary schools. Pluckiness – She had the balls to preside over the old boys’ club of British politics and earned her other nickname, “Attila the Hen”.

What high school textbooks didn’t say Before she devoted her life to politics, she studied chemistry at Oxford, specializing in crystallography (which just sounds cool), and later worked for a company attempting to come up with new ways of keeping ice cream cold.

Style best described as Powersuit business chic with a twist of WASP. Never go anywhere without your brooch pinned to your lapel, a necklace and earrings (preferably pearls) and your hair perfectly coiffed.

How she’s celebrated She was made a life peer and sits in the House of Lords as Baroness Thatcher. She also earned the exclusive Order of the Garter, the UK’s highest order of chivalry.


  1. Sass
    May 9, 2008

    What a saucy minx.
    Loves it.


  2. silverdropp
    May 10, 2008

    Your profile of Margaret Thatcher is extremely unbalanced, very biased, and somewhat ignorant. You have forgotten to mention that Thatcher also had “the balls” to use the “race and immigration” (or rather “racist”) card to get elected in 1979 — she asserted that England was “being flooded” by immigrants and her policy would certainly put a stop to this. During the first few years of her presidency, she introduced extreme neoliberal policies that caused unemployment in the country to double and social assistance benefits to roll back, leaving the poor in the most dire state since the 1930s depression. One of her most lasting legacies is a huge generation of youth unemployment and crime due to the rollback in many social programs. In fact, crime rates doubled under Thatcher’s presidency. Instead of spending the GDP budget on housing or education, she spent the money on defence, a massive expansion of the civil service, paying the huge unemployment bill, and rising police salaries to keep them loyal in the face of massive civil unrest. Why is NONE of this mentioned in your profile?

    If you consider such policies and views in a person, whether man or woman, a sign of “strength” and “achievement”, you may want to rethink what you believe your role a a writer is in this society. It certainly isn’t to promote such injustice and teach girls and young women that Thatcher was a powerful, positive woman one should admire. You may also want to improve your research skills in order to give people a more balanced view of your subject. Start with this database:

  3. dibbler5
    May 11, 2008


    Does the word audience mean anything to you? Tone? Research them, they’re interesting concepts.

    If every article written about Margaret Thatcher was an entire biopic, they’d all be several books long. This article is only 3 words for every year the woman has been alive. Your comment is more.

    Take a deep breath, and relax. This isn’t Encyclopaedia Britannica.

  4. snipersandy
    May 12, 2008

    Tone – yes, she understands…this isn’t a fourth year women’s studies course but a snippet into a famous figure’s life done in a tongue and cheek manner. I get your reasons for getting fired up by Thatcher, but chill are right, it’s not the Encylclopedia and if the worst harm it does is make people aware of Thatcher and her controversy…then it’s done more than not being up.


  5. miismgoc
    March 15, 2011

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