Exploring Courtyard House at Doors Open Toronto in 2007

Our Top Ten Doors to open at Doors Open Toronto

You’ve walked or biked by countless times and have always wondered, “What’s that place like? What do they do in there?” NOW is the time to discover! From Jing Yen Temple to the City of Toronto Archives and EVERYTHING in-between, this weekend is all about exploring our city’s coolest buildings and awe-inspiring spaces. There are over 150 doors to choose from, here are our top ten.

1. Courtyard House

Created by two imaginative architects, this dream home is tucked away down an alley off Davenport and will take your breath away. It’s the kind of place that would get a four-page feature in Dwell magazine. Go and then bike to the junction for a beer and visit to Mjolk or Smash.

2. Hugh Garner Housing Co-op

Explore the green roof tops of this 181 unit public housing development in Cabbagetown.

3. Jing Yen Temple

This magical temple is part of the True Buddha School. Explore, consider your spiritual side and be mesmerized by the chanting sessions. 

4. City of Toronto Archives

Because we love an elaborate filing system full of juicy information and jaw-dropping stats. 

5. George Brown College Waterfront

Check out this splashy new building on the lake and then whip off your top and sunbathe on Sugar Beach.

6. Native Child and Family Services

This new 30,000 square foot space includes a Thunderbird-felt wall,  award-winning contemporary design of a traditional longhouse and a roof top garden. Guests will also learn about the types of programming offered to the community.

7.Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

Finally, live the dream that you are Laura Ingalls.

8. Portlands Energy Centre

Is is just us or are you also intrigued to investigate a natural gas power plant? There won’t be many opportunities, you know. 

9. Regent Park Aquatic Centre 

We took a tour when it just opened. This place is totally rad.

10. NEW! Toronto Police Marine Unit

We’ve been doing Doors Open for over a decade and always love a new location.

Join a walk, hear a talk, plan a route: Toronto Doors Open is fun and FREE!

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