Pad Thai, Balconies on the Danforth & Living Unapologetically: These Are Sonja Boretski’s Favourite Things

Named this year’s dancer intern with Toronto Dance Theatre, Sonja Boretski was born in Belleville, Ontario, and began her professional training at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada. She is also a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She has apprenticed with ProArteDanza, and was an RBC emerging artist with Peggy Baker Dance Projects in 2017/2018. This week, she performs in Persefony Songs at Toronto Dance Theatre (80 Winchester St). 

We chatted with her to get the goods.

SDTC: What food/dish always satisfies you?

SB: If I were to have it my way, I would have Pad Thai for every meal of every day.

What toy/book have you held onto since you were small?

I still have a Raggedy Ann doll that has stuck by me all of these years. I believe she is still sitting on my bed at home.

What outfit makes you feel most you?

I have spent a lot of time and gone on many thrifting adventures to collect a wardrobe of clothes that are all pieces with character. When I choose an outfit, it depends on how I am feeling; however, a popular go-to outfit of mine would definitely be something that includes fishnets, a turtleneck paired with a printed dress, a beanie and some fun earrings!

What philosophy is currently helping guide your journey?

Being present in the moment so that I can be in tune with my wants and needs and live authentically.

How have you changed in the last ten years?

Living unapologetically. Ten years ago, I was more worried about fitting in than allowing people to see who I actually was. Life has become more rich and colourful.

What childhood story makes you smile?

My poor mother being told that her three young children were eating pickles off the grocery store floor.

What are your coping mechanisms?

It is important for me to deal with what I am responsible for and accept what I cannot change. Taking care of the way I feel about my decisions has become an ongoing practice for myself. I try not to live in the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” land. It also really helps me to hash out my feelings with a friend. Hearing my thoughts out loud helps me put things into perspective.

One skill you’d love to nurture/ improve?

Communication and organization! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with organizing my schedule, especially when I know that I have to say no or ask for favours. Responding to people can take me a while, because I am still learning that not everything I send has to be a masterfully crafted email. Sometimes I forget that one email with a funky sentence will not sabotage the way I am perceived.

What are five things you would want in a deserted island?

Endless lemon San Pellegrino, a radio, a blanket, lip chap, and a friend??

What Toronto space do you truly love?

My balcony that overlooks the Danforth! (Preferably with a glass of red wine).

Grab your tickets to Persefony Songs here.

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