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Birthday Sex 2.0: Things Got Real

I co-host a weekly podcast about periods called The Crimson Wave where I shoot the breeze with comedians about aunt flow, cousin red, and “Murphy Brown” (my new favourite term for my “Candice Bergen” cycles). We also have been known to discuss vaginas, contraception, Degrassi, Anne Hathaway, dog yeast infections, etc. One particularly fascinating conversation… Read More »

embroidery diy

The Sweetest DIY: A BFF Embroidery Hoop!

Carving your initials on a tree is for summertime. So what’s a romantic/woman passionately in love with her BFF to do? Embroider it, of course! You need the most basic of basic sewing skills for this, and with a little practice anyone can make it. What a cute wedding gift or friendiversary present! Have at… Read More »


Buffer Festival Industry Day: Reserve your spot at Canada’s First Major YouTube Industry Conference 

Want to learn how to use YouTube to help grow your business? Produced by the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab in partnership with Buffer Festival, this one-day conference (Oct 16th) is for industry professionals looking to optimize YouTube as a content and talent development platform and a marketing and distribution channel. Attendees can expect an exciting lineup… Read More »


PHOTOS: Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche took over the city this past Saturday night, proving once again that this “free nocturnal celebration of contemporary visual art” will keep you entertained from sun down to sun up. Thousands of curious people decked out in glittered masquerade masks and furry onesies scoped out over 100 installations in 5 designated areas… Read More »


Snack Right With SunRype Okanagan Energy Bars

Over the last few years, we’ve found ourselves struggling with maintaining a balanced diet and eating well. Being busy is great, but unfortunately, the first thing to go is meal planning which often leaves us feeling sluggish and hangry. We finally decided to do something about it! Last week we conducted a little experiment: we… Read More »


On The Joy Of Missing Out

My friends party hard. They drink like recently divorced single ladies and say yes to basically every invite, because they fear that they’ll miss out on an opportunity, whether that means a new friend or an experience unlike any other. Even if they’ve been awake for 48 hours, if there’s an event they want to… Read More »