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The Pregnancy Files: The Waiting Game

A woman’s due date is a guesstimate at best. It gives the mom-to-be, and everyone around her, something to fixate on, to feel comforted by. If a baby arrives before his or her due date, they’re considered “early.” If baby comes after, well then, by god, they’re “late!” This labelling, in itself, puts a weird sense… Read More »


Why Flaxseed is a Girl’s Best Friend

Ladies, how many of you have suffered or currently suffer from PMS? Maybe it’s crippling cramps, emotional roller coasters, breast swelling, bloating or irregular bowel movements, or alternatively, maybe its an irregular period all together. Either way, there is a food that can significantly help with these symptoms: flaxseed. Why Flaxseed Often, PMS symptoms can… Read More »



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