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Holiday Swag Workshop

Quaintrelle Presents: Holiday Swag Workshop

Looking to get into a festive frame of mind? Quaintrelle is teaming up with Coriander Girl to bring you a delightful Holiday Swag Workshop. Instead of a wreath, why not spruce up your domicile with some holiday swag, hand-crafted by YOU. The afternoon will include a lovely tea service from Sloane Tea + mini cakes by Nadège.… Read More »

How Sexting Snapped Me Out Of My Depression

How Sexting Snapped Me Out of My Depression

Brianne Hogan: “Your notes are like, little Christmas presents,” I said to him after a couple of weeks, which was a pretty positive sign of my mental turnaround. It was then when I realized I hadn’t thought of my ex in a while. Wait a minute, I thought. Is this a rebound?”