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A Really, Really Good Summer-Thyme Cocktail

I’ll admit, sometimes I try out new cocktail recipes and they completely flop. My earnest attempts turn into mouth puckering mistakes that I drink anyway and then subject my friends to (sorry guys). It sounds pretentious but cocktails really do involve a fine balance and getting the recipe right can take some trial and error.… Read More »

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PHOTOS! Clint Roenisch Launches New Gallery Space

Clint Roenisch Gallery has picked up and moved after years at its Queen and Shaw location to 190 Saint Helens Avenue, just north of Lansdowne and College. Anyone and everyone came to christen the new space and it’s first exhibit, “First The Pleasure, Then The Thesis.” We’re wishing Clint much success in this bigger, beautiful… Read More »

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Feminist Board Games with Jess Beaulieu

I, like many other enjoyers of fun, love a good old-fashioned night of board games with my pals. But you know what I would love EVEN MORE? A good old-fashioned night of FEMINIST THEMED board games. In my opinion there’s no greater social gathering than one that involves games which advocate gender equality/mock men’s rights… Read More »


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