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Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Snack Bars

I thought it might be fun to continue the pumpkin spice trend with a snack! These bars are entirely gluten free and dairy free.  Because I used gluten free flours (coconut and almond) there is also more protein than there would be in something baked with regular flour, so these will keep you full for longer!… Read More »


Sober Bride: Why I Quit Drinking the Year I Got Married

A toxic relationship with alcohol… I had always hoped that, one day, I would quit drinking. After countless two-day hangovers, many drunken stupors, and some major regrets, I knew I couldn’t keep doing this to myself. Growing up with an alcoholic father was inexplicably painful. To make things worse, my family didn’t even talk about… Read More »

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Mourning Toronto And Moving On: How I Left

Calgary. I’m walking on the path by the Bow River. This part was closed for days after the June flood. I miss coming here. We recently bought a townhouse in West Hillhurst that now feels uncomfortably close to the water. Still, walking on the Bow River Path has become an important part of my daily… Read More »