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A&W Steps Up Their Chicken Game

Full disclosure: as a teen, I worked at the A&W in Yorkdale Mall, and I loved it. From elderly European customers attempting to order booze (root beer was a source of major confusion), to indulging in left over burger patties and fries at the end of my shifts, it was a fine way to spend my… Read More »

Jess and her razor

My Complicated Relationship With My Body Hair

I began reminiscing recently about my early days of body hair removal and it made me wonder what originally motivated me to shave, pluck, depilate, and wax (accidentally once by ripping a bandage from my skin and a large patch of thigh hairs with it). Like other persons who identify as human, I do experience… Read More »

chunky necklace diy

DIY An Adorable Chunky Chain Necklace

1-2 hours/intermediate/$30 With weather like this, who wants to go outside? This means it’s time for longer, more involved crafts, like this adorable statement necklace. Wear it over sweaters to work and with a scoop neck dress at holiday parties (they’re coming up!): Supplies: heavy chain (I got one metre and it was more than… Read More »


Spend a Day in PJ’s with Television Editor Celeste Diamos

Celeste Diamos has been killing the editing game since graduating from York University’s Film Production program in 2007. She’s edited music videos for artists we love like Esperenza Spalding and Janelle Monae, and spent nights combing through outtakes from Property Brothers, Colin and Justin’s Home Heist and more! How does she do it all? Pizza and… Read More »

love letter to jess vibrator

A Love Letter To My Vibrators

My vagina has been vibrating for approximately 11 years and what an 11 years it has been. I’ve had battery highs. I’ve had battery lows. I’ve come within seconds. I’ve come within hours, multiple times, when I called in sick and needed something to do so I masturbated excessively like a bored, powerful woman should.… Read More »