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How To Make Your Own Luxe Bath Salts

20 minute / SUPER easy / $3.00 per jar assuming you use small jars Treat all the special ladies in your life to some of the finer things without breaking the bank! These aromatic bath salts make great gifts even though you probably won’t want to give them all away. Supplies: Mason jars/glass jars of… Read More »

Anatomy of a Disorganized Woman's Purse

Anatomy of A Disorganized Woman’s Purse

When friends of mine look inside my purse they scream. They literally scream. Usually because a) they’re shocked b) they’re horrified c) they potentially saw a used tampon in there. Too gross? Too real? Too period-y? Gross, real, and period-y are all words that perfectly describe the spectacle that is my handbag. Every time I… Read More »


Benjamin Moore Solves Our Biggest Paint Dilemma!

Sure, painting always sounds like a great idea. A quick means to hide imperfections and make a tired space look shiny and new, buuuuut it’s NEVER as straightforward as it seems. What starts off as a fun home improvement project involving beers, pizza and eager-to-help pals, more often than not, ends up with me sobbing into… Read More »


Spotlight on Canadian Female Directors at TIFF: Jordan Canning, We Were Wolves

I came across Newfoundland director Jordan Canning at a retrospective screening of her shorts at Videofag. She’s made 12 of them, spanning animated eggs in an awful breakup (“Not Over Easy”), Wes Anderson-indebted children’s fantasy (“Oliver Bump’s Birthday”) and a stunning conversation between a shy married couple in a single overhead shot (the first of… Read More »

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PHOTOS: The Drake Hotel’s Rock Steady TIFF Party

Last week, we partied at The Drake Hotel’s TIFF kick-off bash, Rock Steady. The event had a fun ‘locals only’ vibe with live music from X Ambassadors, Brendan Philip, Choir!Choir!Choir, Twist, Prince Innocence and more. A few lucky guests were inked with free tattoos (yes, real tattoos!) from Lizzie and Tammy of Speakeasy Tattoos, and… Read More »


Prom Goes Punk Rock at Sneaky Dees This Friday

Trishelle and Katie of creative collective We Are Swift Ones invites you to start September off right with a Prom Party this Friday, September 5th. When you’re a grown adult bad-a$$, Prom happens whenever you want, and it happens at Sneaky Dees. This prom ends with late night nachos. Wear a corsage, wear a ball… Read More »


How to Know When It’s Time to Quit Your Job

“I QUIT!” I’ve never said this out loud, although, I’ve often fantasized about setting my computer on fire and walking away from my desk with a six-pack of “I don’t give a fuck” apple cider. It’s over the top, I know, but in the nine-to-five agency setting, quitting and changing careers is something I’ve always… Read More »