This past weekend we were entertained to the max at Absolut Vodka’s Makerfest, featuring 2 huge rooms of Absolut-inspired art, and performances from Q Tip and Theophilus London. It all went down at 99 Sudbury, and by 9pm when doors opened, fans stretched down Sudbury Street towards King waiting in line. Q Tip, free entry and complimentary cocktails has some kinda pull. Makerfest installations included a robot mixing your drinks, one-of-a-kind needlepoint from the Make Den, cute guys in leather aprons showing you how to cobble like there’s no tomorrow, make-your-own tornado, and a gigantic Absolut disco bottle light on a wall.

Local DJ Wristpect got the dance floor ready for Theophilus London, who knows how to ENTERTAIN. Think Jimi Hendrix meets Gnarls Barkley mixed with all the originality Theophilus brings. He took the liberty of inviting many adoring fans up on stage, surely making their night (or week, month?). The crowd was ripe for Q Tip when he took to the stage around 12:30am. What started out as a DJ set full of kick ass tunes, eventually had Q Tip rapping/DJing at the same time and had an incredible set, ending off an epic night at #Makerfest.