Q&A with Adaline

Vancouver songstress Adaline is no stranger to wild beats and hot tunes. Her music explodes as a sultry fusion of so many musical genres, you’d need a steel-toothed comb to pick it all apart. We sat down with her for a chat in anticipation of her Cameron House show tonight.

SheDoestheCity: Describe your musical background. How long have you known that music is your thing? Describe your earliest memory of your obviously passionate relationship with music.

Adaline: I come from a very musical family so music has always been a huge part of my life – I grew up in a home where we were always singing and playing. I always loved music, but I don’t think it became an intensely passionate thing for me until I started songwriting – that’s when it became life changing. When I realized I could express myself through song, I was hooked. It allowed me to access the darker side of my personality which I had never experienced before.

SDTC: When and how did you begin experimenting with such a variety of genres, instruments, styles, etc?

Adaline: I come from a classical background which will always be my base. I grew up listening to gospel and through highschool I listened to a lot of hip hop. In University I was introduced to melodic rock, more specifically ambient rock, which really moved me. When I write music I channel all of my influences which is why I have more eclectic sound. I generally don’t focus on style, but focus on finding the best musical way to express what I’m trying to communicate.

SDTC: What song first pops into your head when you think of each of the following scenarios?

Dropping your cellphone in the toilet

Adaline: “Oops I did it again”, Britney Spears

SDTC: A dense, moist, warm chocolate lava cake.

Adaline: For some reason that image is sensual to me so I’m going to have to pick the sexiest song ever, “Talk Show Host” Radiohead

SDTC: falling head-over-heels, fireworks-and-explosions, can’t-live-with-can’t-live-without in love

Adaline: “Trouble” Ray LaMontagne

SDTC: hungover on Sunday morning with sunlight streaming in the window of wherever you happened to have spent the night

Adaline: “Oops I did it again” Britney Spears…just kidding. Um, “Elephant” Damien Rice

SDTC: cozy fireside reading

Adaline: “Wastin’ Time” Ron Sexsmith

A: seeing the sun come up over your favourite city

Adaline: “Glosoli” Sigur Ros

SDTC: Describe your alter ego.

Adaline: In general, I am constantly moving. I love to live life at a very rapid pace – I’m outgoing and chatty. My alter ego likes to sit for hours on a porch in silence reading and watching the sun go down. It’s a side of myself that is often neglected unfortunately.

SDTC: Fave movie?

Adaline: I hardly watch any movies, but I’d have to say “Shawshank Redemption”. When he breaks out of jail I cry every time.

SDTC: Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Adaline: Selma Blair. I like her energy and style. Although, she would have to wear a wig.

SDTC: Which would you prefer…

wine or beer?

Adaline: wine

candy or chocolate?

Adaline: chocolate

a night in or a night out?

Adaline: night out

naked or clothed?

Adaline: naked

fame (but destitute) or fortune (without fame)?

Adaline: Fame is scary, but if by fame you mean success, then I choose successful but destitute.

dogs or cats?

Adaline: dogs

SDTC: What do you see yourself doing in 53 years to the day, hour, minute, and second?

Adaline: I hope to have lived a life of music, laughter and love. I hope to have a life partner and a family. In 53 years I’ll need someone to feed me and brush my hair, so all I can hope is there is someone to do that for me.

SDTC: Throw down some final thoughts!

Adaline: When I hear a song I love, I put my hand against my chest. It’s something I’ve always done and I think it pretty much sums up what music is for me. It touches the core of me. When everything else falls apart around me, I always have that.


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