Reflecting on 2009 – A New Years Ritual: Part 1 of 2

This is a great time of the year to spend some quiet time reflecting over the past year. Before deciding how you would like to proceed and make the most of 2010, it is imperative to take a moment and reflect on 2009, taking into account all that stands out in your mind and all the amazing life learnings; the things that have worked and the things that haven’t. By reflecting on your year, remembering all your valuable learnings and the new wealth of knowledge gained, you are able to bring this wisdom with you and forge ahead into 2010 with gusto, passion and clarity. It is a time to review your internal settings and modify them to a setting that moves you forward into an inspired, empowered future.

Here are some questions that you can use to help you dig deeper into your own personal reflection for 2009:

What was your highlight(s) in 2009?

What was your challenge(s) in 2009?

What are you most proud of and what would you like to acknowledge yourself for in 2009?

Who did you enjoy spending time with this year? Who didn’t you enjoy spending time with this year?

What behaviours, habits and actions proved harmful this year? What behaviours, habits and actions proved helpful this year?

How were you of service to others? What felt good and from your heart?

How much love did you share?

What brought you the most joy this year?

What did you feel most connected to? What did you feel least connected to?

Is there any unfinished business you can clean up before the year ends? Something incomplete, unresolved communications, etc?

What structures did you have in place that supported you? What structures did not support you?

What attitudes, actions, habits and behaviours do you need to let go of this year to step full force into 2010?

What attitudes, actions, habits and behaviours do you need to take with you into 2010?

What was your biggest learning this year?

List 3 words to describe 2009.

These questions will give you an opportunity to take away valuable learnings from 2009 that will support you into an incredible 2010.

Please stand by for New Years Ritual Part 2: setting your intentions for 2010.

With love and appreciation,


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