Nearly all of us will encounter pain, disability and mental illness throughout our lives. What happens to sex when this occurs? The Sick Theories Conference, happening November 8-9, aims to wade through this question and more. If you identify as sick, disabled and/or mad, or you care about someone who is, this is right up your alley.

Workshops include Allison Taylor’s “Sick Fatties: Theorizing Fatness and/as Sickness,” Jessica Watkin’s “Crip Meditations on Care: Representation and Performance of Complex Disability Care Politics,” Renee Dumaresque’s “Queering Chronic Vulvar Pain: Erotic Potentialities Cited in Suffering” and much more. The conference will include an MVS Sick Theories Artist Roundtable, artists’ screenings, performances and a closing-night reception at Glad Day Bookshop (499 Church St) on November 9. 

Tix are currently sold out, but you can take part online. Check here for the link on November 8.