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Shedding skins: A very Grown-Ass Woman’s Yard Sale

I’m having a yard sale this week. This Sunday, to be specific. It is happening at 456 Roxton Rd., from noon til.. whenever, I guess, and you’re all invited to come and pick through my belongings and haggle with me over how much the bandage dress (!?) that I purchased (?!!!) in 2008 (!!!) is worth now. It’s… Read More »

The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide to: Road Trips

You’re a grown-ass woman, but that doesn’t mean that a proper, official Buddies Road Trip will ever stop making you feel like a 16-year-old who just got her license and can’t belieeeeeeve her parents are going to let her have the car OVERNIGHT. Road trips are one of the great joys of summer (when Lear-style tempests… Read More »