Grandmother Josephine Mandamin, a 69 Year Old Who Walked Around the Great Lakes, Talks About the Water Docs International Festival

The Water Docs International Film Festival  runs until Sunday, March 24 at the AGO’s Jackman Hall, and Grandmother Josephine Mandamin, who at 69 walked 16000 kms around the Great Lakes meditating on water and raising awareness about our world water crisis, will be giving a blessing at the festival. Her journey is very expressive. I can barely walk up the stairs at the subway without getting winded, and… Read More »

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This weekend, LIFT presents 30 x 30: 30 new films commissioned from 30 filmmakers, screening at the AGO's Jackman Hall

This weekend, the Liaison on Independent Filmmakers of Toronto is celebrating three decades of filmmaking by commissioning thirty new works, from veteran Canadian filmmakers and emerging voices in cinema. The original pieces, made on Super 8 mm film, provide a stunning scope of the incredible talent present in Canada’s film community. The screenings continue at… Read More »

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