Anice Jewelry is a great new shop on Augusta near Dundas run by a goldsmith who named her store after her grandmother

Augusta Ave is slowly expanding South towards Dundas, and its newest addition, at 167 Augusta Ave, is the Anice Jewelry Store. Named after the owner and creator Brittany Hopkins’ inspirational grandmother, Anice, the store is a beautiful place filled with one-of-a-kind jewelry. The shop had its launch party just last Thursday and now Brittany says that… Read More »

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NXNEXPERIMENT II Fills a Kensington Market Alley-Hideaway with Day-Partiness at it's Finest

North By North East: The week of never-ending musical explosions taking over every massive venue and spilling out of every hidden corner. When I wasn’t laying blissfully in the grass while being serenaded acoustically at Live in Bellwoods, I roamed around checking out awesome indie band showcases for NXNE that were slightly off the beaten path, yet no… Read More »

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She Does The City & Audioblood present a very special NXNE in-store with Inlet Sound, The Town Heroes, and The Aves at Model Citizen in Kensington Market

We’re excited to announce a special in-store performance for this year’s North by Northeast Music Festival. Presented by She Does The City and Audioblood at the very cool Model Citizen in Kensington Market (jewellery! Pocket squares! Screenprinted tees! Dia de los Muertos skulls!) on Saturday, June 16th, Ben Caplan will host Halifax’s The Town Heroes,… Read More »

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As I pack up and ready to leave Toronto, I find myself weaving clothes and memories into a tribute to the city

I’m moving away for school, and I’m supposed to be packing. My room looks like some sort of shopper’s war-zone- garments scattered everywhere as my cat cautiously navigates through the mess in an attempt to find a spot to nap. I don’t know about you, but I forever associate certain outfits, articles of clothing, and… Read More »

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Grupo Uniao na Capoeira brings the Brazilian tradition combining dance, martial arts, and acrobatics to the corner of Augusta and Oxford for PS Kensington

This weekend, Pedestrian Sundays brings a carnival of car-free delights to Kensington Market. One of these delights is a Roda, or a circle formed by capoeiristas and musical instruments. Every participant claps and joins in the rhythm, and participants witness the aerial acrobatics and physical beauty of the art of capoeira.

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