A Love Letter to Rainy Summer Days

To you, Rainy Summer Day, I don’t know how to say this subtly, so I’ll just say it: I love you. So much. Like Adam Levine loves his own shirtless body; Like Colin Firth loves Elizabeth Bennett in BBC’s “Pride and Prejudice.” You are Elizabeth, and I am Colin, and I am asking you to… Read More »

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Check Out #crazyweather Billboard in Downtown Toronto: Climate IS Culture

With December’s ice storm, and the recent cold spell, this winter has seen us Torontonians weathering our share of…well, weather.  And where do we turn in these #moderntimes to air our thoughts and find community during such events (or, let’s be honest: #any#event#atall?)? To Twitter, of course!  Artist Sharon Switzer, in partnership with Pattison Onestop… Read More »

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The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide to: Travel Delays

You’re a grown-ass woman. You think. Honestly you’re not even sure what you are anymore—the cramped, sweaty world of the interior of this plane is all you know. What was life like, before you boarded hours, if not days, ago? You can’t remember. Sometimes in life, there are delays. Things happen. The bus breaks down… Read More »

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