The Good Egg: Kensington Market's Kitchen/Good Eating/Good Living Store Where Everything is Worth Owning

It happens every time.  I know it’s there.  I know exactly where it is, I almost always know exactly what’s in the front window.  I know I shouldn’t go in, because if I do, I’ll be lulled into a false sense of wealth and opulence, and spend every dime I have to my name.   

But I go in every time. 

Welcome to the Good Egg.  Otherwise known as “the end of the road,” as far as Kitchen/Good Eating/Good Living enthusiasts are concerned.  It’s where your efforts at work come to die in their cash register.  Because everything in here is worth owning. 

The books, the art, the supplies, the necessities, the not-so-necessities!  Ohhhh, the not-so-necessities!  If you’ve ever dreamed of Le Creusets simmering on your stovetop, or little birdies poking their venting powers out of your perfect pie, this is the shop to flock to. 

Taking its inspiration from Rose Carrarini’s Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, The Good Egg is equal parts charm, function and refinement in the cooking world.  Add to that a good splash of fun and a dash of flair and budda-boom, budda-bing, you’ve got instant allure, and a clientele to match.  Happy mother-child sets, aspiring kitchen kings and meandering foodies meet at this culinary mecca. 

So if you’re into books, if you’re into life, if you’re into food – get thee to a Good Eggery! 

267 Augusta Avenue 

~ Annie Webber 

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