The Teaches of Beaches-Ontario Parks Makes Finding A Campsite Ridiculously Easy

Tired of being a Hot Child In The City? Escape! Run! Flee! Pack up a tent and make your way to the beach, where sipping beers and eating burgers feels like pure heaven. Lakeside breeze? Yes please! Planning a camping trip has never been easier. Ontario Parks makes it insanely simple to have a lazy and spontaneous weekend away. It’s as if they’ve seen the pain of A-types everywhere as they try to wrangle people, coolers, camp gear, and canoe into a car and simultaneously navigate and reserve a campsite. Making things hassle-free, they post updated campsite listings on their website, so there are no last minute surprises, no planning ahead required, and it’s easy to make a reservation. If you’re looking for a place to escape at the last minute, you can even plug in your location and how far you’re willing to drive, and they’ll find a park for you, with easy and comprehensive camping, swimming, activities, and contact info. THE INTERNET RULES! Now go outside.

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