Parkbus, a great non-profit initiative, provides express bus service to key outdoor destinations in Ontario. So whether you don’t have access to a car, don’t drive, or are travelling in a group that is too big for a car anyway, you can still enjoy outdoor activities outside of the city.

With various pick-up points in the downtown area, Parkbus is the only company in Canada that provides this service (they’ve even been featured on Lonely Planet and National Geographic). Each destination offers a variety of activities that can be coordinated directly through Parkbus, from fishing to hiking, treetop trekking, rock climbing, and swimming (but these are not mandatory, so feel free to plan your own day).


Parkbus started as a small initiative in 2010 with the goal of allowing campers and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to access parks like Algonquin, Killarney, Bruce Peninsula and other provincial and national parks across Ontario. Now the project has grown exponentially; this year, they received additional funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, as well as the Ontario Trillium Foundation and MEC in order to expand their project.

Return tickets cost between $25-$49 depending on the destination, with group rates and student discounts also available. The next day trips are September 12 & 19, and October 10 & 11. There are various destinations to choose from – Elora Gorge, Rockwood, Rattlesnake Point, Heart Lake, Albion Hills, Glen Haffy – each offering their own unique experience.