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Versay kegs: You can now drink wine on tap!

Can you imagine swimming in a vat of wine? And if you can, do you like it? I love it. Because I love wine. Now, thanks to Versay, we are all one step closer to this beautiful dream.

Versay isn’t putting its wine in small, impossible-to-bathe-in bottles—they’re using kegs! And while kegs aren’t quite big enough for me to swim in, they still hold a large amount of wine in one place. That means there are other, real-world, benefits to Versay’s unique approach: “Versay wine on tap democratizes wine,” says founder Jean-Francois Bieler. “We want a relaxed approach to wine that is about accessibility to quality. Pricing by the keg allows for high quality wine to be bought in ‘bulk,’ which cuts down the cost for restaurant owners and consumers.”

Wine on tap is more environmentally friendly than conventional wine bottling: each keg holds 26 bottles of wine (the equivalent of 130 five-ounce glasses). An establishment that carries two wines on tap and changes kegs weekly reduces their waste by 52 bottles per week. This reduces 1,082kg of garbage per year! Rock Lobster held Versay’s launch party last week, and is currently serving Versay’s on tap wines. Versay currently has nine different wines available in Ontario, from all over the world, and they are delightful. 

A well priced wine, with a lower carbon footprint, in one of our favourite restaurants? We’re sold. (Event planners or hosts can rent a mobile Versay keg for parties and events directly from its website—wine pool party, anyone?)


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    April 22, 2013

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    April 22, 2013

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