Want The Best Job In The World?

If you’re currently underemployed/unemployed and want to become a PROFESSIONAL TRAVELLER – like, where your job is to roam Europe – now you can.

No joke.

Busabout is currently looking for two travel addicts to send on a whirlwind journey through Europe this year for five (yes, five) months, with all expenses paid, including airfare to Europe, accommodations, a daily food allowance and a fee for successful completion of the position. The duo will consist of a brand ambassador (acting as a de facto host) and a video producer. Responsibilities will include:

  • Have the best time frolicking in Europe on an all expenses paid extended vacation
  • Produce regular travel-themed vlogs/blogs
  • Be on social media (Snapchat and Instagram)

Applications for the job posting are currently being accepted until March 5th, 2017 at 11:59PM GMT. Apply here.

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