1. Go shopping, DUH! An oldie but a goodie, why not spend Galentine’s Day shopping ’til-you-be-dropping (like it’s hot, cuz you’ll be wearing your parka inside the mall) with your bestie? Tangents aside, now’s the time to stock up for the warmer seasons ahead. Have you seen the latest from H&M? Their spring game is on-point with black and white prints, crisp over-sized dress shirts, delicate accessories and pastels galore – all at the best price points. The key here is to #TreatYoSelf.
  2. More than one lady have the key to your heart? Host a potluck for errrrybody! Pick a fun theme (like breakfast for dinner) or type of food (dessert only) and enjoy! If potlucks aren’t your style, host a dinner party with mimosas and a DIY waffle station with fruit, sprinkles and lots of whipped cream (whip it yourself gurl, don’t cheat with the store-bought stuff).
  3. Know what’s super fun? A Shoppers Drug Mart binge! Grab your best pal and go nuts in the makeup aisles! Keep an eye out for Revlon’s Matte lipsticks and Colorburst Matte Balms. They look incredible on and won’t dry out your lips (it’s a Galentine’s Day Miracle!). Grab a bottle of bubbly on the way home and have at it! Do your own faces or each other’s. There are a million and one inspiring looks on Pinterest. Achieve that ever-evasive cat eye, work on your contouring or go full-out clown – just have fun! Once you’re done, put those selfie sticks to good use with a wacky photo shoot. WHY THE HELL NOT?
  4. In the spirit of Galentine’s Day creator, Leslie Knope, have brunch with your bestie, although you may need to wait until Saturday, which is technically Valentine’s Day but whatever. We ain’t keepin’ track. Need suggestions? ColetteSmith(get the waffles, SERIOUSLY), Lady Marmalade and Splendido are amongst our fave spots to shoot the shit over hollandaise.
  5. Can’t see your pal on Galentine’s Day? Send her a handwritten note in the mail, a flower arrangement or prezzie from Giftagram. We love the app and all the unique gift ideas, but our top picks would be an assortment of 6 Desmond & Beatrice Cupcakes, $30, box of 12 macaroons from Colette for $42, or the Jenny Bird Hustle and Flow bracelet, $65.
  6. Feeling low key? Chocolate and a movie is the classic Galentine’s Day activity. First, you have to pick a quintessential lady movie. We suggest Clueless, Centre Stage, Mean Girls or Bachelorette, the funniest, darkest and most underrated movie of 2012. For the second and last step (told ya it was easy!), buy alllll the chocolate which you will spend the rest of the day eating. Choose a nice assortment, but be sure to include Rolo, which just re-launched with three new sizes and an even creamier caramel center…yum!
  7. Spend Galentine’s Day playing scientist and putting all those Brita filters to good use by infusing water with different combos of fruits, veggies and herbs. It’s SO important to stay hydrated and this is a great way to make water exciting! Try strawberries, lemon and basil. Maybe you’re more of a watermelon and mint kinda gal? How about grapefruit and rosemary? Or maybe something a little fancier for the special occasion? We’re pumped to try raspberry, rose petals and vanilla! Once you’ve perfected the recipe, change into robes and do your nails while sipping on infused water in your own faux spa. Bonus points if you spend the night speaking in fake accents.
  8. Treat your lady friend to a fancy lady dinner date! We’re super lucky to have loads of amazing restos and chefs, but if we had to choose, these days we’re really loving Richmond StationRasa and The Black Hoof (fun fact: one of their bar offerings is a cocktail called “In The Pink,” how oddly appropriate).
  9. Put on your cutest workout gear (we’re really hearting PUMA’s spring/summer collection) and get your sweat on with your best pal. Make it fun and mix it up. Go to a yoga class, then run back to your place for the cardio portion of your workout AKA dance party for two. To sweeten the deal, grab a pair of glow sticks if they’re readily available along your route, or stock up in advance (if you’re a really good friend and have your priorities right).
  10. Keep it basic and play Buzzfeed’s official Galentine’s Day drinking game!