Mezzo-soprano Lauren Eberwein made her Canadian Opera Company‎ mainstage debut as one of the sultry Rhinemaidens in Wagner’s epic Götterdämmerung – proving she can hold her own in scenes with some of opera’s biggest stars. Eberwein is performing on February 23 as part of An Evening with the Ensemble Studio, a vocal showcase for some of Canada’s most talented young opera singers. She’s passionate about making opera accessible and shattering common misconceptions about the art form.

SDTC: What should we be paying more attention to?

LE: Alternative facts.

What was the last Netflix series you binged on?

The OA.

One new thing you learned this year?

I may need glasses…

What memory brings a smile to your face?

Any of the ridiculous things my little sister and I did as children: attempting to build sandcastles out of laundry soap, harbouring secret pet hamsters in our bedroom for weeks, creating our own special sister language…the list is endless.

What lyric/song/book is resonating with you right now?

Elizabeth Bishop’s North & South.

Describe the funniest thing you’ve experienced in recent memory.

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL.

Best advice you’ve been given?

Live life’s questions, and one day you may very well live your way into your answers.

What is the best part of being your current age?

I can remain silly and it’s still endearing…I hope?

What word or phrase should we use more often?

“Tell me more…”

Photo: Michael Cooper

What’s on your night table?

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and a jar of coconut oil.

What one item would you be lost without (besides your phone)?

My Sennheiser headphones. I wear them everywhere – functional earmuffs!

Biggest opera-related pet peeve?

Vocalism without intention.

What trends are you loving right now?

Empowered female protesting.

Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid?

Oh goodness…likely, half the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Surely, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy, and James Marsters as Spike. A big thank you to Joss Whedon for creating a special outlet for my youthful angst.

One thing you love about Toronto?

The streetcars! I know they can be slow and at times seem archaic, but I find them charming!