You probably recognize Tara Spencer-Nairn as rookie cop Karen Pelly from long-running hit show Corner Gas. This Thursday, she’ll be guest starring in CTV’s beloved Saving Hope as a down-and-out drug addict.

Get to know this well-liked Canadian actress and tune in this Thursday!

What would the receipts in your wallet indicate?

That although I’m messy, I am organized.

What does your breakfast time look like?

Chaos! Trying to feed a baby and get food in a toddler in time to get out the door for school is not a pretty scene.

What are three goals that are on your mind at this very moment?

Create a series. Be more patient. Create a series.

What was the last event you attended?

Birks Diamond Tribute to the Year’s Women in Film event during TIFF.

What makes you happy?

A really nice glass of wine at 5 o’clock? Oh, and when my kids give me a nice big snugly hug…nothing beats that.

What makes you cringe?

Snakes! (Not the answer you were expecting, was it?)

What life lesson do you often refer to/think about? 

To try my hardest to be in the moment and appreciate every single thing.

What have you recently learned about yourself?

I can multitask while multitasking.

What do you do often?

Wake up before sunrise…not out of my own free will though.

What new practice have you recently begun, or are planning to incorporate into your routine/lifestyle?

I am trying very hard to be patient. The life of a full-time mother who is also working requires a lot of that. I tend to get frustrated quite easily and that is not something I want my kids to mirror.

What was the last film you watched that BLEW YOU AWAY!

Before Midnight. 

What landscape really does it for you?


If you had $10K to spend on home decor, right now, what would happen?

One quarter of the kitchen renovation I would like to do.

Where do you like to shop in Toronto?

Big fan of Ted Baker. I’m also a Banana Republic/Gap online shopper…it’s a bit of a problem! As well I like Express.

What neighbourhood places/spaces do you hold dear to your heart?

I’m definitely a Leslieville girl.

What were you like in high school?

Awkward and uncomfortable I’m my own skin, desperately wanting to fit in.

Tune into Saving Hope this Thursday on CTV at 9pm EST.