Underage sex trafficking is happening right here – just read Nathalie’s story. Signs of human trafficking, however, can be hard to identify or easy to dismiss. 

Crime Stoppers has launched a new campaign that targets people searching for hotel accommodation in the GTA by displaying ads for Hotel De Jeunesse. It’s not a real hotel, but rather a powerful tool to educate the public about human trafficking.

Victims of trafficking are moved frequently, but one tip can make a huge difference – and it’s always better to be wrong than to say nothing. If you’re travelling this summer and staying in hotels, keep your eyes and ears open – that is generally where this type of activity goes down.

Signs include:

  • A large age gap between male and female with no explanation for relationship
  • Young girls in possession of expensive clothing, phones, and jewellery with no reasonable means to afford them
  • Many male visitors coming and going from hotel rooms or parking lot
  • Young girls wearing too much makeup or clothing inappropriate for their age
  • Female appears dazed or distant from their companion or pimp who stands away from area
  • Girls whose companion does all the talking for them

Know the signs, and if you spot one, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.