I’ve been thinking about Virginia Woolf a lot lately. About the importance, strength and  simplicity of the sentiment of creating a room of one’s own. About the reality of being a woman in the world, the challenge of carving out space to which you feel entitled, the sense of strength that comes from having at least one somewhere that is truly yours. And the frustration that demanding that space can still, 85 years after Woolf delivered the iconic speech that would become the foundation of her classic book A Room of One’s Own, feel like such a fight.

She Does The City has always strived to provide a little of that space, a place where female writers can express their point of view. So you can imagine how excited we are that the Bloomsbury Collective has decided to mount an immersive theatrical experience based on Woolf’s famous address. You’ll begin your evening sipping cocktails and exploring a reimagined Girton’s Women’s College, poking around the library and Woolf’s quarters. Then, you’ll head to the ballroom, where her ideas will come to life.

A Room of One’s Own runs from November 13th-24th at the Campbell House Museum (160 Queen St. W.). Tickets are available here.