1. Russell Brand is a true individual and I don’t think there is anyone like him in the world, but the guy’s got a pretty crazy sense of style. He’s also slightly androgynous. I blame his bone structure, and he should be thankful for his 5 o clock shadows that give him a masculine edge. He sports the whole brooding bad-ass rocker look and I don’t even think he sings at all, so good for him for being convincing. Tight-as-skin leather pants, shirts unbuttoned to the bellybutton and really really long scarves. Pair that with teased hair and black eyeliner and dude – where’s your mirror?

2. Andre 3000 is one half of Outkast, a vegan, musical genius and a wild fashionisto, among other things. His fashion sense has gained him some critical acclaim (and disdain) over the years and he’s the creator of the Benjamin Bixby clothing line, with collections inspired by vintage rugby uniforms. Can’t knock a dapper put-together gentlemen cuz I certainly don’t want men walking around in sweatpants all the time, but the musician dresses to his own tune and kind of reminds me of a Hip Hop-Newsboy a la the movie Newsies. A fan of lots of colour, Mr. 3000 usually looks suitable for church in his Sunday best, and he’s not shy of bold patterns and hats. Occasionally he throws a poncho in there.

3. Wendy Williams goes a bit overboard with everything, and sometimes the result kind of reminds me of the movie White Chicks…or the inspiration for White Chicks. Too much makeup, too much blonde, too much boob…it would be nice for her to tone it down a wee notch and just let her natural beauty shine, you know? Especially for all the kids out there who are growing up to this stuff and may or may not be idolizing her. Hasn’t she seen Chris Rock’s doc Good Hair? You may recognize her as the outrageous host of The Wendy Williams Show or one of the many books she’s penned, but all I see is Marlon Wayons. Oh, and she’s very sassy too. Please don’t sass me Wendy.

4. Taylor Momsen is a teenager, actor on Gossip Girl, singer and songwriter for the band “The Pretty Reckless” and a star for the disgruntled-Millenial-youth generation. She likes to lash out at famous celebs on Twitter, like Katy Perry, Perez Hilton and Rihanna. She needs to give Russell Brand his black eyeliner back though, because she’s playing the whole emo angsty teen thing a bit too hard. She is still a teenager after all, but should anyone who just got signed to Interscope Records really be so angry all the time? It seems as sincere as Paris Hilton playing Courtney Love in a bio-pic produced by Snooki.

5. Lady Gaga obviously needs to be on this list, and heck, she may have invented this list. She dresses up as Lady Gaga to the 100th percent every day, so I really can’t imagine who she’s going to dress up as for Hallowe’en (Katy Perry maybe? Lol). Maybe she’ll wear khakis and a polo and spend the day playing croquet at a country club in the Hamptons, and no one will be any the wiser. Or maybe she’ll wear a costume that was made by 1800 small monkeys in over 3000 hours, at a factory in California, and they will make her the most expensive costume of all time, made out of solid gold and caviar. I wouldn’t put it past her.

–By Becca Lemire