6 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Everything To Do With Sex Show

We could have made you a list with 101 reasons, but let’s start with six, you frisky sex creature.

1. There are over 150 exhibitors including some of our favourites: Aslan Leather, Good For Her, WeVibe, B.A.R.E Restraints and JessGo Art. The best sex is had when you allow yourself to explore.

2. Talking about sex with your partner can be awkward. Good thing Dr. Jessica O’Reilly is here to help! The sexpert from Sex With Dr. Jess will inspire you to reveal your fantasies and share what you do or don’t like in bed.

3. Don’t have a Halloween costume yet? There will be plenty to choose from at the Everything To Do With Sex Show!

4. Spice things up a bit in the Kink Corner, where you can see, do, play, touch and learn all about BDSM from Carey Gray.

5. Make it a date! The Aphrodisiac Cafe will serve you and your sweetheart a romantic meal.

6. Because SEX IS FUN! The Everything To Do With Sex Show provides a safe space for you to talk about sex, get inspired to try new things, and learn about how you can enhance your intimate life. Go with your friend or lover and put together a little loot bag to try out later.

For more information or to purchase your tickets, go here.  You could also enter to win our gift pack from The Everything To Do With Sex Show (valued at $600!) for a chance to win passes!

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